Holiday season is right around the corner (no worries, ENFNTS TERRIBLES will keep you updated all summer)… This means: it’s time to get the packing game on point. One of our “negative” sides is that we hate to make choices. You never know what you’ll bump into on vacation, right! Last year we ended up wearing one jeans the entire week since we forgot to have a good look at the weather forecast. We then unanimously agreed: no more. Also, being abroad doesn’t mean you need to jettison all style rules. It’s not a fashion show either but it’s good to have some options.

So when it comes to a suitcase: the bigger, the better. So we recently hired Samsonite’s American Tourister Lock ‘n Roll to join us on our next holiday.

Don’t pack light

The new American Tourister Lock ‘n Roll is huge, light and you can lock it for extra safety. If you’re going on a short trip or you’re actually good at packing light, no worries. There are 3 different sizes available. You’re not the biggest fan of red, again no worries… there are also many other color options. There’s even a collab with graphic artist Matt W. Moore that will be launched mid June. And don’t mind the stickers, we’ve been a little “creative” ourselves. (We ordered these via, in case you’re interested)

What we like about this version are the two big compartments to organize all our stuff. Also, there’s plenty of space so you won’t have to organize preliminaries and leave some essentials at home. On top you will still have some room left for souvenirs.

Honestly, even if you’re just leaving for a few days it’s practical to have some extra space. Unless you travel with a low cost company that only allows to take hand luggage…

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Samsonite American TouristerSamsonite American Tourister