One of our favorite and most inspirational instagrammers, Ecce Homo, launched an epic capsule collection with GCDS. The instagram god is known for his edgy and kind of kinky way of styling. It was only a matter of time for him to create a collection of his own. But the time has finally come and he’s doing it with GCDS!

Ecce Homo

The Ecce Homo collection is a small capsule of tees, socks and choker celebrating the famous Instagram collector @ecce____homo. This collection is the first of a series of collections that’ll be released by GCDS. The exclusive clothing and accessories lines will be co-designed by singers, models, stylists and artists. All of them are a reflection of the always evolving world of fashion and the way of communicating it.

For this queer collection, Ecce Homo and GCDS teamed up with model Jhonattan Burjack for a nice looking lookbook. Jhonattan a gorgeous model that is ruling the worldwide fashion scene lately. The model is – obviously – known for his outspoken eyebrows and impressive body.

The exclusive collection is available NOW.

Photo credits: GCDS