For this editorial, we were looking for a new starting point than fashion in itself. An external factor that could be the basis for the production and styling. The only preconditions: it had to be fresh and fit the ENFNTS TERRIBLES vibe. Since music and fashion have always been inextricably linked (ok, not always but you know what we mean), we decided to think along those lines. Two days later Zara Larsson’s “Ain’t My Fault” crossed our path and there we had the basis we were browsing for.

A small introduction (in case you never heard of the singer… shame on you). Next to H&M and Ikea, Zara Larsson is one of Sweden’s best export products. She simply has it all: a great voice, good looks and the woman has a natural sense of style. And most crucially, she’s for sure an enfnt terrible.

“Ain’t my fault” is a song out of Zara Larsson’s latest album called “So Good“. It’s fresh, catchy and young… with an edgy touch. Exactly what we wanted this editorial to be.

Dress: Sofie Nieuwborg / Coat: Leo / Shoes: Rushemy Botter

Look 1. Top: Magliamo / Green jacket: Sofie Nieuwborg / Trousers: Rushemy Botter / Shoes: Sofie Nieuwborg
Look 2. Top: Magliamo / Coat: Hugo / Trousers: Sofie Nieuwborg / Shoes: Sofie Nieuwborg

Top: Hugo / Bubblegum pink ‘dress’: Rushemy Botter / Shoes: Morobe

Look 1. Jumpsuit: Rushemy Botter
Look 2. Top: Rushemy Botter / Bomber jacket: Rushemy Botter / Trousers: stylist’s own / Shoes: Reebok
Look 3. Jacket: Sofie Nieuwborg / Shoes: Reebok / Trousers: Stylist’s own

Photography by Elien Janssen
Production and styling by ENFNTS TERRIBLES
Video by Rutger Claes 
Models: Sam Van Humskerken, Loïs Andrews, Symilone, Yann (all Jill Models Management
Make-up by Gladys Ferro and Ana Japson 

Special thanks to Studio for letting use use their location

Zara Larsson’s brand new album “So Good” on Spotify: