On February 14th, Diesel launched its “Make Love, Not Walls” campaign. And in addition to their special message, they asked us to help them spread the love. A question we of course couldn’t resist. So we threw our bodies into battle and went to the streets in Antwerp to hand out free hugs. If you wonder who the cat, dog and rabbit are… yes that’s us, undercover. Don’t ask why because it’s a looooong story (and honestly, also not that interesting).
Love Free HugsLove Free Hugs

Make love, not walls

So let’s dig a bit deeper into the love aspect. You’d think that after a few millennia of human existence, we would have actually evolved. And in many ways we have, just look at the invention of the microwave and the dishwasher. What would our lives be without this practical equipment? On top… we have airplanes, cellphones, electric bikes and Pokemon.

However, on a human scale the evolution isn’t going as fast as planned. Unfortunately. We might not chop each others heads of with an axe (or at least in some countries this isn’t common behavior.) But every single day there are attacks, rape, murder and many other crimes against innocent humans. And then we’re not even mentioning the horrible way animals are treated.

We know, the message of love almost starts to sound trite. And it will forever remain an utopia for everybody to get along. Same for us, from all the people we know there are definitely a few we don’t wish to see that often (or just not al all). But that’s that. Free hugsLove Free HugsLove Free HugsLove Free Hugs

To all of you: women, men, black, white, gay, Indian, Asian, straight, transgender, narcissist, empath, Catholic, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu,… it’s the year 2017 and actually life is pretty simple. We all get born, we all die. In the meanwhile we just try to make each others lives as pleasant as possible.

Pictures by Deloin