In one of our last Beauty Crushes of the Week, we talked about the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette. Well, now that it’s launched and people are getting their hands on it, it’s getting crushed again. And not in the good way.

Getting to the bottom on the first date, not always a good idea

The problem is not the colours, everybody is loving those. Autumnal shades that are dramatic and edgy? Count us in. The problem lays in the formula. There are reviews going up all over YouTube of people testing out the palette, and having major issues with it. The shadows are extremely soft, which results in a lot of eyeshadow powder flying everywhere. Shadows that are softer often have a lot more extreme pigmentation, something the beauty community really focuses on (for swatches, etc.). However, ABH seems to have overdone it a little bit. The shadows are so pigmented they come off almost too strong when first applied to the eyes, and the blendability is a little, well, non-existent.

The powderiness of the palette was so bad that one YouTuber, Alissa Ashley, found herself hitting pan (going all the way to the bottom of the eyeshadow so that you can see the pan it comes in) on her first round of using the palette. Welp. Of course people started heating up on Twitter, and sides were picked. One pro the palette, one against it. Believers said that the palette just needed some extra loving, and that you shouldn’t go in with a heavy hand. Sceptici replied that the palette was a powdery, inconsistent mess, that was too difficult to work with.

A messy release, but HOW? WHY?

Now, whether people are pro or con, everybody’s been speculating on the why’s and how’s behind this messy release.  Did they not test it in the lab? The Subculture palette is the little sister of the very hyped Modern Renaissance palette by ABH, which was a total winner. How is it possible that a palette made by the same brand suddenly performs wonky as hell?

Well, some say the palette has been rushed. Apparently, the colours of the Subculture palette were leaked before the brand actually wanted them out there, and maybe because of that, ABH felt the pressure to release it ASAP. Maybe it hadn’t gone through that final process of finetuning that a perfect palette needs. Who knows? Others say it has something to do with the batches, that some batches of palettes were better than others. Once again, we can only speculate, we know nothing for sure. If you really want the palette: wait it out a couple of months. The lab will probably try to fix the formula a little bit, so you’ll be getting better quality for your money.

One thing we know for sure: damn, people get their titties twisted real quick nowadays. I mean, we get it, you want to spend your hard-earned coins on products that are good, but djeez: it’s only make-up, y’all. Keep calm, take a deep breath and carry on. Fabulously.