After launching her successful Fenty Beauty makeup line, Rihanna strikes again. She takes New York Fashion Week by storm with Puma by her side. Making her the highlight of the week. It’s no secret that the one and only Bad Gal Riri has our full support. And we even have a feeling her erratic taste might assure her a front-row seat in the fashion-scape. This time around she introduced us to an army of X Games inspired soldiers rocking frilly motocross-minded looks, wave catching beach girls and more. Anyways, enough chattering. Scroll down to see what happened on the Fenty x Puma SS 18 runway show.

Motocross Galor

The show started off with 3 professional motocross stuntmen doing 360 spins on a mountain of pink sand. A couple of minutes later that was translated in runway looks bodied by super models Selena Forrest and Mica Argañaraz. It’s clear that Rih owns her tomboy style and that’s what makes her collection so personal. At the same time, she boosts the athleisure trend to new heights. Good job Riri!
What Happened on the Fenty x Puma SS 18 Runway Show

Aqua Blue Coolness

Since Off-White has made the safety belt great again, many designers jumped on this trend. Yet, it’s really all about the way you merge the trend into your collection. So that spectators don’t perceive it as a copy-paste operation. On the Fenty x Puma SS 18 runway show we witnessed overalls, parkas, bodycon dresses and jackets frilled with aqua blue safety belts as a part of the clothing pieces.

What Happened on the Fenty x Puma SS 18 Runway Show

Fenty x Puma SS 18 swimwear

Somebody, please give us a call when Riri’s swimwear is for sale. Because right now we can only imagine ourselves doing beach day in Los Angeles, soaking in some vitamin D while rocking a swimsuit by Fenty x Puma. Send us an email when the time comes. We thank you in advance.

What Happened on the Fenty x Puma SS 18 Runway Show

Photo credit: Vogue