30 Sep

Fenty x Puma SS17: where and when to wear it (For men)

Kanye West is not the only artist to break through in the fashion industry with help of a sneaker titan. Next in line is Rihanna and she is going for it. Yesterday the Work singer gave us a Rendez-Vous at Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild in Paris. Where she showcased her Fenty x Puma spring summer 2017 ready-to-wear collection to the world. A Paris fashion week runway show she said was well inspired by the French culture back in the 18th century. Influences from legendary Marie-Antoinette and the Palais de Versaille formed every single piece. We at Enfnts Terribles admire Rihanna’s work ethic and all of her accomplishments as a young woman trying to make the world her oyster. We really applaud you for that Riri!

However…yes, there’s a but. According to us, there are 2 moments when Fenty x Puma SS 17 looked unquestionably stylish. And that’s when you see all the models in a group wearing the pieces with the singer gone designer herself posing in the middle. Or else you pick your favorite looks one by one to slide it in a collage. In addition, don’t be afraid to be selective otherwise it might occur to you as a freak show. The upside is you could wear it to a costume party.

Go dressed as Mario-Antoinette

We all like a fun costume party with friends once in awhile. Because we finally get to show how creative we can be and create memories we’ll never forget. To spice up that night’s group photo why not be more open-minded and try going as Mario-Antoinette. That’s the male sporty-street version of french Marie-Antoinette. Since Rihanna made it possible for us, we should at least consider it. And Mario-Antoinette looks a bit like this.

Let’s wear it to an all-white party

All-white parties can be annoying because nobody wants to mess up a clean white outfit. But once the music turns louder and those glasses of whatever alcohol you guys drink repeatedly hit rock bottom. We forget we ever cared about wearing white.

Big in Japan

Japanese street culture is very edgy and outspoken. Some qualities of Fenty x Puma that’ll make the collection big in Japan. Shibuya, for instance, would be the ideal area to be wearing these outfits on the streets.
There you have it, your big trip of the year at the same time.

Found your second calling as Rihanna’s background dancer?

We don’t know what are the odds of one of our readers being a future background dancer ( or maybe you’re already). But if that’s the case. You know these outfits will be your nightly performance costumes. Let’s just wait until her new tour kicks off.

Photo credits: Vogue Runway


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