A few weeks ago, Coachella officially started off this year’s festival season with a bang. Stars like Lady Gaga, Lorde and more rocked the Palm Springs-based festival stages. We at ENFNTS TERRIBLES are super excited about this upcoming season of music, fashion and summer feelings. This is also the time of the year when we are desperately looking for upcoming festival trends. We’re not just talking about fashion trends. Also music, beauty and lifestyle in general are involved.

For example. We saw this campaign passing by on social media, which made us longing for summer and its festivals even more. The campaign is raising money to fund a project that is basically making huge inflatable lounge bags. If you are reading this and you happen to be a generous, adventurous person with money, please buy a couple of those Coolado lounge bags. The next step would be to send it to us, we need this kind of stuff in our lives. Thanks.


There’s another thing we noticed. Sequins and everything silver/metalic are back! Some of our favorite Coachella looks had at least one of the above in it. Kendall Jenner wore a metalic looking sequin top to one of the #sponsored events she attented.

Another street style star and one of our favorite bloggers on the block, Danielle from We Wore What, wore a gorgeous silver/metallic dress to the festival. She styled it with a denim jacket with the minimum amount of fringes – because, Coachella. (picture on top)

Chiara Ferragni recently turned 30. For her birthday party, the style queen opted for a metalic looking dress that was custom made by Swarovski. By the way, the Italian beauty also got engaged to Fedez, the night after she wore this dress.

By now, you probably get the point. Silver, metallic and sequins are back and they’re ready to rule the festival season. The good thing about this trend is that it’s really easy to style. Silver and metallic are easy to combine with almost everything. We can’t wait to see you rocking it this summer! If you post a photo on Instagram of yourself sporting this trend, make sure to tag us @enfntsterribles and use #ENFNTSTERRIBLES. We might regram you…

Photo credits: the blond salad, Instagram, We Wore What.