A few months ago, Uniqlo announced a new designer collaboration with JW Anderson. The British high-end fashion brand and Uniqlo will work together on a men’s and women’s collection. That collection was top secret until today! JW Anderson is one of Britain’s most innovative and creative brands, for sure. So a collaboration with the affordable Japanese brand sounds appealing to us!

The collection

The collection itself includes 33 pieces for men and women and will be available on September the 20th. The new line features British classics that combine the signature bold and graphic design esthetic of JW Anderson. They’ve combined that with Uniqlo’s excellence in fabrics, fit and functionality. The result is a collection that offers the best of Brittish styling.

Commenting on the launch of the much anticipated line, Jonathan Anderson, the founder of JW ANDERSON, said, “For me, the point of doing this collaboration was that I believe in democracy in fashion, and what I hope will be achieved is that any age demographic can pick up and find something within the collection to relate to. Doing something with UNIQLO is very interesting. It means you come up with a wardrobe which is universal and quirky.”

He added that “I think what UNIQLO and JW ANDERSON have in common is the idea of ‘making a new product’. That’s always fascinating. The idea of reducing something to its essence is a very Japanese cultural thing. It can be cultural, textile or silhouette driven, but it’s about the idea of reducing something down so that you can create the most impact.”

Photo credits: Uniqlo