French girls are known for their simple, elegant style with a “je m’en fous” touch. Not only in the way they dress but also when it comes to jewelry. They are mistresses in combining the heavy, boho with the fine, clean and simple. Designer logo bracelets, souvenirs found at the market and a series of elegant rings. Les Fraçaises know how to pull it off.

Since the holidays are coming up we thought it was about time to have a closer look at some of the French jewelry brands. There are loads of them so we stuck to our all time favorite ones and a new collab we bumped into this week. Maybe you should already open Pinterest, add a new board and start making that wish list! French Girls CartierFrench Girls Cartier bijoux

The luxurious: Cartier & Hermès

A Cartier or Hermès bracelet is always a good idea… and investment. These are the pieces of jewelry that will last a lifetime. And look good with just everything. The next time you’re visiting Paris, we consider you just go for that souvenir. When the budget doesn’t allow such an expensive buy, you can always check out Vintage designer sales. Maybe this is your lucky year!

French Girls Hermes bracelet

The classics: Aurélie Bidermann

One of our all time favorite French jewelry designers must be Aurélie Bidermann. She launched her own jewelry line in 2004 and has been on top of her game ever since. Clean and simple isn’t exactly her thing. Let’s say that the collections are rather boho / luxurious… and timeless in their very own way.

Aurélie Bidermann

The new: Dodo pour Colette

Recently Milan-based brand Dodo launched an exclusive collab with THE store in Paris, Colette… of course! Face of the collection is Parisian IT girl Lolita Jacobs. Starting from 75€ you can buy a little pendant. All pieces are made from rosé gold and engraved with modern slang words. Threads in different colors are available so you can DIY 😉
French Girls Dodo pour Colette

Photo credits: Garance Doré, Elle, Pinterest, The Brunette Barbecue, Dodo, Instagram