Since 2016 you can go to the market in style, all thanks to Demna Gvasalia who created the Bazar bag for Balenciaga. Only 2000€ and that giant checkered plastic bag is ancient history. In return you get the latest trend, made from the greatest leather. And the market vibe is evolving in several directions. Net bags are planning a full street style return. And we’re unanimous about the fact that also the trolley could use a revival.

Net bags

They’re really not that practical, except you only carry around giant objects and you don’t mind anything to get stolen. But it’s easy to solve that tiny problem in a fashionable way by adding a pouch or something. Some brands and designers took precautions and made the bottom from canvas or leather.

Net bags are actually a pretty cool summer item. They have that Ibiza boho vibe everyone has been addicted to the past few years. We don’t know if we’d buy one ourselves this season. But we do like the idea… So you never know, maybe we’re exchanging the mini backpack for one of these pretty soon.
Trend net bagsTrend net bags

What’s next?

Trends aren’t about what’s happening now. You always need to be ahead of the game so the most important question actually is “What’s next?”. Will the market vibe still be expanded? Because there are some possibilities… The trolley could be an option and for those who want to take it a level too far there’s the shopping cart. However we really doubt if the last one will have its big breakthrough.
Trend market trolleysshopping cart fashion street stylePhoto credits: Pinterest, Vogue