It was the phrase that bombarded Belgium’s most guilty of all guilty pleasures to a cult-status. The terribly amazing “Temptation Island” show, where contestants acted ratchet and boujee at the same time and failed miserably at both. Oh, and there was a lot of cheating on each other too, which is totally irrelevant to this article. So I’m not here to talk about all the amazingly bad TV Belgium has to offer. But to discuss the come-back of lavish hands, avant-garde jewelry, and pretty nails. You know, the finer things in life. Plus, if you’re going to act like a total diva on national television you might as well flicker something flashy into the other person’s face.

Look at the flick of the wrist

Current obsession? Nail-tech Jenny Longworth and the beautiful looks she created for Gucci Resort 2018. Which basically can be described as more is more, and then some more. We didn’t know where to look first… Hand-grills where accompanied by fingertips covered in a black wrap-around color, while pearly nail-rings looked ravishing next to starry hand-cuffs. Reminiscent of the iconic Bijules nail-rings and handcuffs, Rihanna’s 2008 “Disturbia” video or when Julie K did similar black tips during the Thom Brown show in 2014.

By all means, try this at home

And we are living for this. In a world where even the sassiest of make-up girls get lazy sometimes, a perfectly done manicure can help you get away with it. Plus if you break a nail you can just dip it in some ink and call it a day until your next nail-appointment. Which is a world where we have more important things to focus on, this seems like a nice way of dealing with things. Now go my children, and by all means… Go Guccify yourself!