After Gucci’s 2017 cruise collection, we didn’t think it would be easy to top that. Remember, that runway show in the Westminster Abbey, back in 2016. We remember the hyper-colored, hyper-eclectic and queer collection as if we saw it yesterday [disclaimer; we might have actually just seen it yesterday as that cruise collection is in stores right now]. Wheter Gucci topped its last Cruise collection or not, we’ll let you decide. But it was close, very close.

Cruise shows are known for their lavish locations. Louis Vuitton moved the entire fashion circus to Kyoto and Dior showed in LA. Gucci, on the other hand, opted for a location that was a little more close by its actual headquarters (Milan). The collection was shown inside the famous Palazzo Pitti in Florence.

Gucci Cruise 2018

With this line, Alessandro Michele celebrates the renaissance period of Milan. The collection is named “Antiantamony” and showcased the “heart and soul of Gucci’s origins,” with the iconic Gucci GG print brought back to life. Some of the garments had “GUCCY” written on them, which is something new, as far as we know.

We recently wrote about the comeback of the waist bag, also known as the fanny pack. Gucci just confrimed our predictions about that.

There was a lot that made us think about the previous cruise collections. Pussy bows, the whole socks in heels thing and the allround grandma-chic vibe are just a few of them. But we guess that is what makes it Gucci. Although the overall aesthetic stayed the same, it did seem to have gotten an upgrade. It went from influences of Gothic and barock to influences from Milan’s extravagant Renaissance period.

For us, this is one of the rare runway shows that gets us excited. The silhouettes, the fabrics and the collors all seem to be so well thought out! Alessandro Michele is the king and we should all obey him.

Have a look at some of the looks below or go to Vogue Runway for the full collection.

Photo credits: Vogue Runway