20 Mar

Meet 12 cool kids behind the epic Gucci memes

Gucci released a new campaign for their high-end watch collection Le Marché des Merveilles. And that’s not a coincidence! Unlike many other brands out there Gucci is innovating in many ways. The new way is to innovate while connecting to a younger crowd by creating humorous images about your brand. That’s how the Gucci memes came to life. But who made them?

That Feeling When Gucci…

Two days ago the Italian fashion house dropped the new campaign image on Instagram. Alongside launching Gucci’s new watch collection, ‘ That Feeling When Gucci ‘ is an art project in collaboration with multiple artists and meme creators to support the launch.

Creative director Alessandro Michele sat down with the new school of viral social media creators challenging them to come up with a campaign focusing on clever memes. We really admire this gesture coming from the head of design of such an important brand. You don’t often see couture houses opening doors to give big opportunities like this to young expressive talents. So thank god this happened. The result was a curated collection of captioned art aimed to help viewers express themselves online. But let’s find out who those cool kids are behind the epic Gucci memes:


This is what happens when a crazy talented duo from Puerto Rico and South Africa sit down with Alessandro Michele. The dynamic international Qatar-based team of two made their impressive Gucci memes from their studio in Doha. Apparently, Christto and Andrew came together in 2012 to join forces and bring daring photography. Seems like it was the best thing they ever did because today they can put Gucci to their portfolio. Withal this image of a mysterious fashionista who holds a burning rose but still has the time to check her Gucci watch is priceless. Instagram: @christto_andrew


Amanda Charchian from LA loves a feminine sensuality that is timeless and intimate.

The young artist lives and works in Los Angeles and London. She got her BFA from Otis College of Art and Design back in 2010, and thanks to her work being featured in different magazines she is still marching her way up to the top.

Some publications were: New York Magazine, Vogue Italia, TIME, The Huffington Post, Interview Magazine, L’Officiel ART, i-D, Purple as well as Oyster Magazine. Website: www.amandacharchian.com


The first young lady specializes in drawing women and their demons with a hilarious crazy twist to it.

According to Gucci Polly Nor is one meme machine that you’d want to be friends with. Website: www.pollynor.com

Meet cool kid Polly Nor ( creator of the Gucci memes )


After watching one of their surreal ‘how to cook roses‘ video on youtube we understood the why of their involvement with Gucci’s new campaign.

Though Meatwreck is not a person. It’s co-operation between artists Mitra Saboury and Derek Paul Boyle.
Instagram@meatwreck .


Interior designer and graphic artist, Ege Islekel, from Milan was actually born in Turkey.

She uses sculptures and paintings from art history to create her graphic work. See it as a mix of popular culture and fine art. Website: www.egeislekel.com


27-year-old Edouard from Paris is collage artist, living and working in the city of lights.

One of his Gucci memes that got selected for the Le Marché des Merveilles campaign reminded us about all the times we were waiting all dressed up waiting for the night out with the girls to start already. Website: www.edouardtaufenbach.com


Next meme maker Goth Shakira is a south-American artist active in Montreal.

On her Instagram account, you’ll find memes dedicated to Latin American style and queer culture. Above all, she does it with a message about feminism, freedom, and creativity.


Just like what’s happening in fashion nowadays, Polish artist Paulina Olowska embraces the past and that’s her all-time obsession. 

Raised up in Poland’s transition from communism to capitalism, Paulina Olowska makes political artwork inspired from the Soviet era.


Sebastian Tribbie Matheson is a ruthless meme maker. Besides uploading selfies to his 41k  followers on Instagram, Sebastian is one of those harsh – but funny – meme makers. 

This guy who is party-friends with Alexander Wang creates hilarious images addressing popular fashion and social culture. Seems like nobody can safely escape his shots, not even the Italian house.

His humoristic bash on the Gucci starters pack is hilarious. Nonetheless, we still want those timepieces on our wrists. Instagram: @youvegotnomale


Brooklyn established photographer Benjamin Langford graduated only 3 years ago, at the Rhode Island School of Design.

After getting his BFA in photography he continued presenting his work organizing several exhibitions. To share his love for larger-than-life printed flowers in different cities throughout the USA. However, this was one of those Gucci memes that got the guys at the Enfnts Terribles HQ hooked. Instagram: @blangblang92


Female visual artist and photographer Verena Smit, based in Sao Paulo, loves to take her series of photos and draw illustrations with a cinematic angle.

She tells stories beautified by her signature black and white and minimalist approach. Compared to the colorful art that is being put out in a country like Brasil, Verena stands out immediately. Instagram: @verenasmit


Minneapolis-born documentary photographer Alec Soth’s signature style measured up to Alessandro Michele’s standards for the co-creation of the Gucci memes. Although Alec personal art game is to produce melancholic images that capture small-town landscapes and people his ingenious memes made him a social media favorite. 

Lately, his Instagram feed is a fuse of his latest photos, funny screencaps, and cryptic text message exchanges, and his well-defined take on the Gucci watch photographed by himself. Instagram: @littlebrownmushroom

Photo credits: Gucci


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