With Coachella quickly approaching, I got to thinking about the month I spent on a road trip trough several states on the West Coast of America with my family. A month travelling may seem like an incredibly long time, but when you’re exploring fantastic places such as Napa Valley, San Francisco and Los Angeles – I was suddenly wondering where the month had gone. It’s a trip that I’d definitely go one again, so here’s a look at the highlights of the trip.

Napa Valley

We started off in the beautiful wine district Napa County. We stayed in a small city called Calistoga and it was a gorgeous place. Perhaps a bit dull as the city centre was more or less one main street, but when it’s 35 degrees and you’re surrounded by wine you can’t really complain.

The vine yards in America are very different from the ones seen in Europe, as the American ones are far more modern and extravagant. We visited some lovely wineries, ate fantastic food and drank stunning wine.

If you want a break from wine tastings – I don’t understand why you’d want a break from drinking wine – then head over to the Old Faithful Geyser.

San Francisco

Next mentionable stop on our road trip was the windy town San Francisco. I quickly fell in love with this place, not so much with the hills and the wind that strongly worked against my hairspray – but definitely a fabulous place. It is such a charming place in terms of buildings and people. A very youthful town, that is filled to the brim with amazing food experiences and great shopping. You can find everything from Saks and Gucci, to high street retailers and multi brand stores such as Curve.

The restaurant scene in San Francisco is highly impressive with three michelin star restaurants such as Benu as well as local restaurants such as Gioia where you’ll find the most incredible pizza. Their hangover pasta was also very much needed on several occasions.

A definite must on the list is to go see the Golden Gate Bridge. A 5 minute car ride away you can find a stunning park called The Golden Gate Park, which is perfect when needing a break from the hustle and bustle of a busy city.

Los Angeles

One of my favourite places in the world. I just absolutely fell in love with this place and really can’t wait to go back. For the best shopping head to Melrose Avenue and Maxfield – my favourite concept store.

There are many restaurants to chose from in L.A. but my favourites are definitely Craig’s, Chateau Marmont and The Ivy. If you’re willing to make the drive to Malibu, then definitely go to the Nobu there. You won’t be disappointed, it’s insane.

If you want to do like the locals – head to one of the many canyons and go for a hike. Don’t forget your green juice!

Grand Canyon

So technically, when we went we didn’t stay in the Grand Canyon, but in Canyon Point in Utah. We didn’t get to see the red rock formations, however we saw some stunning landscape and nature. I’ve never experienced anything so peaceful and tranquil in my life. It was much needed after visiting über tacky Las Vegas.

Big Sur

Most important on a road trip is the road you drive on – make sure you take Highway 1 so that you can take in the incredible beauty that is Big Sur.


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