The end of the year is coming up, which means the time of lists is upon us. Lists of the best, the greatest, the most influential, the saddest, the worst, the top and the flop. The negative lists seem especially present: on YouTube & other platforms it is extremely popular to do ‘Fashion/Beauty Trends We Are Leaving in 2017’ kinda posts. It’s basically people tearing down clothing or make-up trends they didn’t like throughout the year and their audience eats it up. There should be no shock there: drama always works. And guess what: it’s time for us to bring our own little list of Things We Are Leaving in 2017 to the table, starting out with:

1. That Kind Of Negativity.

Seriously. Are we done yet? Sure, there have been some pretty weird trends in 2017. Squiggly brows, nose hair extensions, plastic see through pants, you name it, we had it. And no, these trends maybe weren’t the prettiest or most flattering according to old school beauty standards, but what the hell, let people live. Make-up and fashion is all about expressing yourself and trying something new. It’s about breaking out of the box some times and not taking yourself too seriously because let’s be real: it’s only fashion. It’s only make-up. It comes off at the end of the day. Have some fun with it!

Beauty trends 2017

Peter Philips for V Magazine (© Richard Burbridge)

Each day you get the opportunity to try something new and even if it ends up not being your favourite, you can still just take it off. It’s that easy. We get that not everyone wants to get out of their comfort zone. We get that glitter lips might not be for you. But seriously, don’t we have bigger problems to tackle than hating on people who are just fooling around a little?

There are things that really matter.

Like slaying the patriarchy, for example. Or getting Trump’s baboon ass out of the White House. Or what if we finally make gender equality happen? Oh, here’s another idea: in 2018, let’s get rid of toxic masculinity! And while we’re at it, aren’t we done with femme shaming yet? And slut shaming? Victim blaming? Aren’t we done with the wage gap, the inequality in the world, the growing poverty? Should we *maybe* start worrying about climate change instead of what other people do or do not wear/believe/love?

Ahhh, dunno. Maybe that’s just a thought. I mean, have you seen those squiggly brows?

Beauty trends 2017

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