You know it very well, dry and tight feeling skin. Always popping up after a long night but really, it can strike at any time. Usually classified as dry skin but that’s not what it is. It’s dehydration and the lack of water is universal for any skin type. With the AC blasting at work, steady coffee intake, the fluxuations between sweating at the gym and a boiling hot car out in the sun. We’re asking for it! If you’re in no mood for rainsin face, read on about how to fight dehydration.

Hydrate inside out

Those 8 glasses of water a day are a guideline. The more you sweat and perform physically, the more water you need. I personally drink one tall glass of water per hour. Being thirsty means you’re too late after all. Each can of sode or coffee needs to be offset with a glass of water extra. Your choice!


Add in the oil

No matter how well you hydrate with water, having it evaporate doesn’t help. Many of us lack a proper intake of omega oils. These improve our skin’s water retaining capabilities. Start taking one daily as it’s good for skin, nails, eyes, cognitive functions and our blood. Working topically you could add 1 drop of oil into your moisturizer. This helps lock in water better and feels less heavy than a thick cream. 

Hyaluronic yes, water no!

Ironically people that start spraying mists on their skin, dry it out even more. Countless people enjoy that temporary moistness right after. Yet as it evaporates in the dry air, it’s like an evacuation for any remaining water. You’re drier in the end, spraying even more.. vicious circle! Instead of those, opt for serums and treatments with tons of hyaluronic acid in them. It’s cheap, effective and works for everyone. 

Photo credits: Constative, Shawn Poynter