All good, these seasonal collections. But when you live in a country where it rains most of the year, you’re basically fucked! (We hereby apologize for using the f word.) Californians might rock a traditional summer boho look. In the Northern parts of the world you have to be creative with layering. Or accepting the fact that you’re permanently stuck with the flue, it’s your call!

Denim = the new tights

Done with tights, wear a jeans instead. But do us a favor an leave those short A-line dresses (or just boring dresses in general) where they belong: in 19 whatever. Being feminine is in the details, not always in the legs or the boobs. And remember, when you’re ready for the denim dress thingie… a split is always a good idea. It makes a silhouette far more interesting.
spring layering dress over jeans

Don’t move your winter coats to the attic just yet

Being all excited and wearing that cute summer dress when it’s 14 degrees and raining … worst idea ever. Adding a warm coat to the look makes it more realistic. Why sticking to the seasonal traditions when the right layering just solves your problems in the snap of a finger.

Raincoats are essential

And MISBHV just happens to offer this season’s must-have!

Make sure you pick a light version that is slightly oversized so you can easily wear it over your outfit. If it’s transparent, even better.

spring layering

Even if it doesn’t seem to be a match at first sight, go for it!

A romantic dress with an oversized bomber and cowboy boots. It’s not your next best top of mind look but yet this combo works. Even when it seems to be the worst idea ever, out of the box layering can sometimes turn out into something pretty interesting.

Photo credits: Mytheresa, MISBHV, Victoria Adamson, Pinterest, Collage Vintage, Refinery 29