However there generally are no rules in fashion… a few tips are always welcome. Today we’re talking about how to add a feminine touch to your tomboy look and vice versa. Because, sorry if we hurt anyone with this info, just a handful of people can truly rock one style without getting trashy, puffy or just boring.

The shoes

With some shoes you just can’t do no harm. This season we’re fully up for slippers in all shapes and sizes. Wearing these has one major advantage: they are extremely compatible. A good pair of ankle boots is never a bad idea either. And the occasional sneaker is a must in every modern woman’s wardrobe. Just watch out that you don’t do an all sporty look. The days of Sporty Spice are over.

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The pants (or skirt / dress)

Never forget: mix & match! You don’t want to look like a tramp, nor like a lump. Unless your goal is attracting (the wrong) people or the opposite… repel them. Than we suggest you just stop reading this article. This is not for you.

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The tops

Same advice counts for the tops. We understand that you adored Kendall Jenner’s look when she turned 21. But if you, the mere mortal, want to walk in the streets like that we wish you good luck. And if you adore boyfriend jeans, don’t combine these with your dad’s T-shirts. A female touch is allowed!

This season we’re still into the off-the-shoulder trend because it’s both sexy and subtle. Or wear a sexy top over a simple T-shirt. Go crazy but don’t go too far, carnival was yesterday.

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