If you’d ask random people in the streets about how they think about animals, at least 90% would declare their love. What most of them don’t realize is that they’re all big hypocrites. We don’t doubt the fact that they deeply care about their cat, dog or parakeet. But in the evening they all happily consume a giant piece of lamb. Do you realize by the way how this little creature looks like? Here you have a little reminder, so cute don’t you think?

Stop animal cruelty

We wanted to write about how to stop animal cruelty for a while now. This undercover movie made at a slaughterhouse only accelerated things. It reminded us of the fact that we’re so busy living our own lives that we forget that we’re not the only inhabitants living on planet earth. We’ve taken away their natural habitats. And if you call the situation in for example Syria mass murder, than how can we describe the amount of animals tortured and killed every single day?

There’s only one good thing about this article, every single one of us can start making a change.

Don’t buy a new pet, go to the shelter

Yes, we agree. Pugs, French bulldogs and a British shorthair look extremely cute. But they are also bred on a large and not always in an ethic way. In the meanwhile shelters around the world are full of abandoned animals looking for a new home. Ask yourself this question… do you buy a pet just for Instagram pictures or do you actually care about animals?

Stop Animal cruelty shelter

Become a vegetarian or reduce your meat consumption

If you think that all the meat we consume falls straight from the sky or comes from happy cows, pigs and chickens that lived a joyful life outside… you’re either naive or completely stupid. Most of the animals that we eat had a horrible life and that’s an understatement. When you talk to real carnivores about the subject they always blame someone else. It’s the supermarkets, slaughterhouses and the neighbors fault. But do you think that supermarkets would offer giant amounts of meat if the consumer doesn’t buy it? Nope…

Never ever ever go to Seaworld

How would you feel if you were kidnapped as a child and had to live in a tiny room for the rest of your life? In the meanwhile you have to perform on a daily base to get a few fish in return. Well, we would be terribly depressed and so are the killer whales trapped inside of Seaworld.

Stop animal cruelty Seaworld

Don’t take your children to the zoo

Same as the killer whale story. Most zoos pretend to be the best thing that ever happened to wild animals. Correction. Would you love to live in captivity while weird creatures stare at you all day? The only good thing is that they’re safe behind bars, meaning not being tortured and murdered by hunters for ivory or just for fun.

Stop animal cruelty zoo

If you’re on holiday forget about elephant, camel donkey and horse-drawn carriage rides

Really fun, going on vacation and putting your big ass on one of these poor animals. Like that Donkey actually enjoys having a walk with you around Santorini. Yes, 200 years ago people used animals all the time to go from one place to another. But you understand there’s a difference between that and uselessly carrying tourists around all day? And being mistreated on top.

Stop animal cruelty

A circus is ok, if it doesn’t involve animals

It’s no secret that most circus animals are living in horrible conditions. If the zoo is a 5 star hotel, than this isn’t even a dorm full of drunk Russians at a hostel.

Stop Animal Cruelty Zoo

Don’t wear fur

We honestly have to admit that we only added this image after writing the text. It’s beyond heartbreaking. So let’s set things straight concerning the fur subject. If you live in Alaska or Mongolia and you still hunt to stay alive like our ancestors did back in the days, we understand you wear fur to stay warm. In any other case it’s cruel and you’ve absolutely no excuse. And whatever brands make you believe the opposite, no living animal on this f*****g planet wants to be killed for its coat.

Seal hunt stop animal cruelty

Photo credits: Peta, Google