Yesterday, a rather annoying article appeared on our Facebook timeline. Published by GQ, the article talked about men wearing chokers and how they think chokers should not be worn by men. It is talking about ASOS’ recently added pieces of ‘chokers for men’. The fact that such a major  magazine is encouraging men to hate on men who wear chokers is sickening and totally wrong. Let’s get a few things straight, shall we?

This shouldn’t be about gender

First of all: it’s 2017. We actually thought last year’s mini ‘gender equality revolution’ taught us a thing or two about gender, but ASOS proved us wrong – again. As our beauty writer Joppe tweeted “There’s no need to gender a fucking strip of fabric. That stuff doesn’t need labels.” We couldn’t agree more! After all, there are no differences in size or anything when it comes to a male or female neck.

In a perfect world, everything should be gender neutral and we shouldn’t need those labels that divide clothes into a “men” and “women” section. We know, there’s still a long road ahead and it’s going to be a bumpy one.

Choker on the Louis Vuitton runway show

Wear what the fuck you want

Let this be clear. Nobody should tell you what to wear and what not to wear. If you want to wear chokers, wear it. If you’re brave enough to rock it, do it. Nobody, not even GQ, Vogue or whatever other magazine, should tell you what to do. GQ’s article is beyond wrong and shocking to us. They literally wrote: “If a friend of yours starts showing up to the bar in one of these, kindly tell him he has lost his damn mind and cut the shit before things get out of hand.” This isn’t just telling someone NOT to do something. This is encouraging others to hate on it whenever they see it.

GQ magazine claims to be “The premier men’s magazine… The only publication that speaks to all sides of the male equation.” And to be honest, they ARE the premier men’s magazine. We’re not going to lie about that. But that’s just another reason why they should act like it and embrace te diversity of fashion.

Not a surprise

As the article on GQ magazine stated, chokers have been around for centuries. In the early 90’s, they became a symbol of fashion and the trend conquered the world. Last year, the Kardashians – who else – brought it back. Chokers were all over the runways. Later, street style stars and other celebs followed, just as the other 2 billion people who liked it, mainly women. What happend next, is something that happens all the time. Whenever there’s a trend at the women’s runways, men follow. Men are most of the time one season behind when it comes to trends. It was only a matter of time for men to start wearing chokers. You better get used to it.

Photo credits: ASOS.