Irish rapper Rejjie Snow is about to release his debut album Dear Annie on the 16th of February. That means only one more week of waiting and mentally preparing ourselves for this piece of art to drop.  Now we’d like to remind you why you should get hyped too. And by the way, the album’s executive producer is Rahki, the guy who has won a grammy with Kendrick Lamar. Do we even need to say more?

Beat poet

From the very start of his career back in 2013, with his first mixtape Jerovich, he’s been feeding many hip hop souls worldwide. The reason being is him taking rap music to a whole other level. We rather consider him as a beat poet instead of just an average rapper. Of course, his deep voice made him stand out from the outset, but it goes further than just a unique sound

Soulful intimacy

Snow always manages bringing a laid-back vibe whilst at the same time trying to tell us stories that are anything but easy-going. He mainly focuses on personal experiences in his life, reflecting on his own relationships. Combining that soulful intimacy with a lot of, rather dark, fantasies, you get the typical formula of a Rejjie Snow song. Not that any of his music is predictable. Snow keeps on surprising and experimenting with new genres. That’s the exact reason why we’ve been impatiently waiting for his album to drop.


Seems like the rapper is in for some surprises, since he decided to treat his fans with two ‘little’ appetizers. Snow decided to drop the EP’s, Dear Annie I and II, including 4 tracks of the full length album each.

The opener on pt I , Egyptian Lover, features producer Kaytranada. Now let’s be real, you just can’t go wrong with Kaytra on the prod. A guest verse from beloved rapper Aminé and the soothing angelic voice of Dana Williams immediately made us craving for more. Next up is the mellow ‘Mon Amour’. Snow recorded this while he was working on his album in Paris. That must explain the French vibes, continued in ‘Désolé, a lush instrumental with an old school R&B-feel. Last on the EP is ‘The Rain’, in which neo-soul piano  seemlessly merges with the smoothest verses from Snow, Cam O’bi and Krondon. 

Dear Annie pt 2 is, again, a real treat for the ears. We could go on and on raving about him, but we suggest you take a listen for yourself. We guarantee you’ll be pleased with the artist’s incredible versatility. Both part I and II definitely did the job, getting our hopes up sky high. Let us know what you think!