Fashion is like a boomerang… at some point you throw it away as hard as you can but it always comes back. Who’d ever thought the choker would come back? Or Dr Martens, Calvin Klein T-shirts, 90’s crop tops and so on. If you were born after 95 you probably won’t remember that all of these trends had a life before you even existed. But we can assure you… they were hot as hell before been put on low profile again for 2 decades.

If we’d translate the Kondratiev wave to fashion business, there’s a rather large chance that fleece is about to make a comeback. Yes… we know, the fabric that is also used for ugly blankets, snuggies and all kinds of weird random accessories. But streetwear is hot, trashy is hot and even “ugly” is a trend. So an oversized fleece item in a cool design could easily become the next best thing.

Fleece comeback snuggies fashion


If you have totally no clue of what we’re telling… have a look at the picture underneath and forget you ever saw it. These photos of fleece should seriously be banned from the internet. And manufacturers have remove these colors from their range. That shade of green should only be worn by Kermit the frog.

When we really want the comeback of fleece to work, a 180 degree change will be needed. No more ugly designs and semi-fun threesome walks in the woods. What is this about anyway?
fleece comeback


What we rather had in mind was presented to us by Clare Waight Keller for Chloé FW17. The fabric might not be fleece, we admit. But the style is just perfect. And that combo is another level of a succeeded 80’s revival. You’ll see, next winter the long forgotten snuggie fabric will be hot & happening again.
Chloé FW17 comeback fleece

Photo credits: Vogue runway