Melania Trump was under attack yet again last week because she was wearing creations from Givenchy and Dior. After she disappeared from the radar for two weeks, she knew that all eyes would be on her. And let’s be honest, her greatest skill isn’t speaking in public so she’s basically communicating through what she wears.

Instead of just criticizing our dear Melania, we wanted to dig deeper. Why is she promoting European luxury labels instead of making the American’s great again? Here’s what we think…

1. She misses being anonymously European

Melania doesn’t recoil from a little gold digging. Or do you really think that she would have fallen for Donald’s looks and charismatic personality if he was poor? She might enjoy the luxurious part of being married to an old rich guy. But we have the feeling that she wasn’t first on row to sign up for becoming FLOTUS.

It seems like that by wearing European brands, she still has a part of her life in her own hands. And in the end, she will always remain that girl who was born in Slovenia. One can never deny its roots.

Melania Trump

2. European fashion labels have always been great

Ok there are some pretty great American designers such as Philip Lim, Alexander Wang, Rick Owens and Tom Ford. But let’s face the fact that, when talking fashion, Europe is still on top of its game. NYFW is great but if the highlight is a Belgian designer creating his first collection for an American icon, there’s still some work that needs to be done.

So we understand that Melania chooses Dior and Givenchy. Because duh, it’s Dior and Givenchy. No need to say more.

3. The LVMH group has been the only one reaching out to Trump after the elections

On the 9th of January, Bernard Arnault was one of the first to visit Donald Trump. The billionaire is the owner of LVMH which is, by accident, the French luxury conglomerate to which both Dior and Givenchy belong. Monsieur Arnault clearly is a business man to the bone. No further comment.

4. It’s her way of rebellion

Melania has received a ****load of negative comments. First of all because of being married to Trump and she also hasn’t exactly proven to be a true inspirational woman. Copying the Michelle Obama speech might have been a bridge too far. In her position it wasn’t that difficult to find a more creative solution. That being said, to be torn down all the time must not be nice. And she has been dealing with all the negative reactions with a smile. So wearing European brands might have been her f*** you to the American press.

Photo credits: Vanity Fair