Adenorah x Leon & Harper


24 Jul

It Doesn’t Get More French Than This: Adenorah x Leon & Harper

This collab came as a romantic interlude in between 80’s and 90’s revivals, trashy chic and an overdose of sportswear. We’d almost forgotten that the French still have a style of their own and Adenorah x Leon & Harper must be the embodiment of this style. Flower tops and dresses, polkadots, jumpsuits and a basket as the one and only accessory. It really doesn’t get more French than this.


Adenorah is the name of Anne-Laure Mais’ online brainchild. She became famous thanks to her rock ‘n roll / romantic Parisian looks. Unlike a lot of bloggers worldwide, she really sticks to her own style. If she’s wearing a major trend, she will always do it her very own way… with a French twist. You can follow her Instagram account via this link.

Photo credits: Léon & Harper

Adenorah x Leon & Harper
Adenorah x Leon & Harper
Adenorah x Leon & Harper

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