Last Saturday we went on a little trip to Rotterdam. Why did we go there? Well, a while ago Jett Rebel played in Belgium and this was so overwhelming that we were incredibly curious to see him perform at his biggest show ever at the Ahoy in Rotterdam.

Jett Rebel who?

You might have never heard of Jett Rebel, in which case I strongly advise you to check him and his music out. The best tracks to get to know Jett Rebel are Tonight and Louise.

Jett Rebel is a 26 year old singer-songwriter from The Hague, Netherlands. When he released his first EP “Venus” in 2013 on Sony Music he conquered the hearts of many people. It didn’t take long before Jett Rebel became one of the biggest stars in his own country. In 2015 he got the award “Live Act of The Year” in the Netherlands and he played at the biggest festivals and venues. So why is this musician so little known by the rest of the world? Honestly, it’s a mystery to me.


February 4,  2017 – Ahoy, Rotterdam

Before the show started we noticed a very diversified audience, from screaming 16 year olds to moms. When Jett Rebel came on stage it became clear to us that this was a very old soul in a young body. He looks like the son of Iggy Pop and Cher, sounds like The Beatles, Bowie, The Rolling Stones and many others which makes it very difficult to label his music.

Something we all associate with Lady Gaga or other female artists are outfit changes and heels. Yes, heels. Jett Rebel wore skirts, dresses, heels, wigs but he wore pants and shirts as well. This is nothing new, however this makes him someone to look up to. Many young people are struggling with their identity and when a famous musician puts himself out there in outfits which are labelled by our society to a specific gender, it reassures people that they are free to choose their appearance and nobody should judge them for it.

When an artist like Jett Rebel plays an enormous venue like the Ahoy there is something called curfew. The curfew indicates the ending of a concert and that night Jett Rebel gave zero fucks about that. He played from 8:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. without losing breath and full of energy.

If you ever get the chance to see Jett Rebel live, go for it. An artist with so much dedication and love for his job is really something worth experiencing. He plays for hours and never misses a beat. A young man ready to conquer the world.

Photo credits: Jelmer De Haas