The beauty world is constantly being showered with new products. Every week, we’re sharing our beauty crush of the week. A stunning beauty look, a great product or a cosmetic revelation, everything is possible! If we crush, we do it hard. This week’s beauty crush: Juvia’s Place, an up and coming make-up brand with African roots.

Beauty for all colours

It’s 2017, and still, there are cosmetics brands that don’t really cater to all skin tones. Sure, they’ll have one slightly darker and two slightly lighter foundations, but that’s it. Same goes for shadows: often, eyeshadow or blush isn’t pigmented enough to show up on people of colour, which results in an ashy look. That’s not the case with Juvia’s Place. This fairly new make-up company started out two years ago, and it already has everyone talking. The owner, Chichi Eburu, is originally from Nigeria, and she wanted to create make-up that suits all colours, and especially darker skintones. 

As her inspiration, she took Nefertiti, who was a black Egyptian queen. She felt like the beauty industry was lacking products for men and women with darker skin, and that’s how her brand came to be. Now, she mostly creates extremely pigmented eyeshadow palettes, as well as some brushes, and the brand recently came out with blush palettes too. Nefertiti is futured on all of them.

And just like that, they went viral

Around a year ago, all of a sudden, Juvia’s Place was everywhere. The reason why? The Nubian Palette. Basically, the release of their newest eyeshadow palette went extremely well, and suddenly, everyone wanted it. Beauty influencer NikkieTutorials raved about the pigmentation and richness of the colours on her channel, and that was it: Juvia’s Place was officially off the ground.

By now, the brand is quite well known among beauty lovers, mostly for the eyeshadow palettes. The pigmentation and richness of the colours is crazy, and the creative colour selection is mesmerizing. The collection has grown by five eyeshadow palettes, a brush set and, as from a couple of weeks ago, two blush palettes.

What’s not to love

Now, why do we love this company so much? Well, first of all: it’s an important addition to the beauty industry. People of colour also wear make-up, and they still get neglected too often. This black-owned company makes sure that EVERYONE can wear their produces, and look stunning while doing so. They’re also completely cruelty free. Secondly, the colours and palettes are plain gorgeous, period. And thirdly: they’re affordable! 28 dollars for a palette is a total steal in comparison with some other brands out there, especially for the quality you get. And hey, you should support small businesses! You can shop your heart out here.