Kanye West entering the beauty industry ?


27 Feb

Kanye West entering the beauty industry ?

This week we heard some confusing news (or rumors) about Kanye West’s emerging need to expand his brand into the beauty industry. The first thought that crossed my mind was: “what a twisted guy”. Perhaps twisted is the wrong word because everybody has the right to become a mogul in their own right. But as a die-hard Kanye West fan, since his debut single ‘Through the wire’, I just can’t seem to accept our very own Louis Vuitton Don won’t be delivering as much quality music like he once did.

An ode to his mother ( how sweet)

The new Yeezy line will include various products such as makeup, lotions, and perfumes. And will operate under the name DONDA. Referring to his mother Donda West, who tragically passed away in 2007.

Although his intentions to turn DONDA into a lifestyle brand were clear enough especially during his interviews with Zane Lowe and Sway in the Morning. We never thought he would undertake this commercial step so soon. Don’t get us wrong Ye’ we completely get that you have multiple passions but the downside of it is that it feels way too commercial. Besides that, we never thought you’d want to be as “out there” as your wife and her sisters since your big brother was BIG’s brother.

Kardashian or die

Deciding on color palettes for eyeliners, lipsticks and everything related to the contouring culture we live in today, is what Mr. West will take part in. Allegedly his sister-in-law Kylie Jenner will be joining this venture. Though it looks like momager Kris Jenner or wifey Kim Kardashian have something to do with this. So either it’ll be very successful because when you analyze the Kardashian-Jenner empire business wise there’s a lot Kanye can learn from. Plus involving his family could be very interesting for his multiple bank accounts.

On the opposite side, this beauty operation Kanye is pursuing could be a huge flop. For the simple reason that women will, at a certain point, question if they ‘trust’ his expertise enough to now take over their daily beauty routine.

50 shades of Kanye

According to sources Mr. Kanye West already filed the documents to launch his beauty brand. So we’re a little too late to stop this expansion. Though we will make sure you find the right industry if beauty doesn’t work out for you.

What about sex toys? Maybe that could be your next option to accompany the illicit unreleased videos you might have made (or not) with your wife. That way you too could bring out a book later called not 50 shades of gray but 50 shades of Kanye. I doubt Rizolli would say no to your offer.

After all, we’ll never stop loving your music and fashion. Every power move you made in the fashion industry had and still has a lot of influence on the youth. More than once you have proven your expertise in dressing women and men for sure. And your sneaker collections are a big success. Can you just send us an email next time when you’re making such bold choices so at least we could be prepared?

Photo credits: Vogue, W Mag, NPR


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