From Instagram, the snap-chat dog-filter to FaceTune and Perfect365. Man-and womankind has evolved to a vain little online creature. Which by all means, is not necessary a bad thing. Online one can be who-ever and whatever he/she/they pleases to be. But since most of us don’t have a Kardashian-worthy glam-squad at our disposal, the most frequently asked question I get when working as a make-up artist is : ‘I wan’t flawless skin, like a Kar-Jenner, but natural.’ This question usually has the little hairs on the back of my neck stand up… Rome wasn’t build in a day, nor was a Kardashian-slay. But insert M.A.C cosmetics with another revolutionary product to save the day : Next to Nothing Face Colour.

Next To Nothing to cover everything :

As a make-up artist, I’m always looking for multi-use products to simplify a client’s make-up routine. The brand new M.A.C. Next to Nothing Face Colour, which is formulated with nourishers and light-reflecting opalescent microspheres, does just that. Consider it the brand’s answer to the dewy, “no-makeup” makeup looks we’ve seen all over runways, red carpets, and Instagram lately. Unlike most current foundation formulations, the Next to Nothing Face Colour has a much lighter texture and gives skin a glow-y finish. But with a natural coverage. So while it looks like a foundation, the texture feels — and dries down — like a BB cream, giving skin a polished but nearly naked finish. Hooray!

How to wear nothing :

To wear, it can either be applied with a sponge or with a blending brush to smooth over redness, breakouts, and any other imperfections. One pump is enough to insta-filter your entire face. No need to double layer, just put over your completely absorbed daycream and/or primer and you’re good to go. And if you really came to slay, put it under your  normal liquid foundation and look photoshopped in real life.

Compact filter on the go :

Along with the Next to Nothing Face Colour, M.A.C. also launched a set of lightweight pressed powders, called the Next to Nothing Pressed Powders. Like the Face Colour, these compact formulas can be padded across the face for a filter-like effect, while still allowing skin to breathe. Think of them as tinted oil-blotting sheets, and less like the standard chalky, translucent setting powders.

Available come saturday April 1st in all M.A.C FSS stores. Next To Nothing Face Colour : €30,- / Next To Nothing Pressed Powder : €28,-

Photo credits : M.A.C cosmetics