For nearly 10 years now, HM is releasing a yearly designer collaboration. HM’s designer collabs are very limited and wanted by fashionistas and fashionistos worldwide. They’ve worked with designers like Karl Lagerfeld, Isabel Marant, Roberto Cavalli, Balmain and more. This year, the fast fashion brand is collaborating with Kenzo. Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, who are the creative directors of Kenzo, designed a men’s, women’s and accessory collection for the collaboration. The KENZOxHM collection is dropping tomorrow, the 3th of November. It’ll be available at selected H&M stores and online.

enfntsterribles_kenzoxhm_09If we’d be forced to describe this collection with just one word it would be ‘prints’, because… there are a lot of them. Maybe too many, but that’s up to you.

Not a good investment

First of all, we’d like to explain why buying pieces from the KENZOxHM collection may not be the best investment. The marketing team of H&M always makes sure to create a huge hype around the designer collab. This year, they collaborated with singer Charli XCX, blogger Andy Torres (StyleScrapbook) and many more, to highlight the collection. As a result of that, EVERYBODY has seen the collection. Which is good for sales, but not that good if you’re the one buying something from the collection. The collection exists of very colorful and outstanding pieces that will be recognised by a lot of people. Wearing pieces of the KENZOxHM collection twice without anyone noticing is nearly impossible.

Another thing is the price. H&M’s designer collab is quite expensive, even though it’s still ‘just H&M’. A simple scarf from the collection will cost you $79.99, which is not cheap. One of the dresses that we love is priced $549. We also saw the ugliest KENZOxHM slippers for $99.99. Really, H&M?!

Pieces to stand in line for

As usual, the women’s collection is better than the men’s collection. We don’t know why designers keep on doing better things for their women’s collection than for it’s male equivalent, but it’s a fact.  This designer collaboration between H&M and Kenzo (unfortunately) is not different.

We loved the two dresses below. They’re kind of bohemian-meets-Africa and we’re all in for it! The colorful teddy coat is to die for, if styled in the right way. We could totally see Bryanboy rocking this one! At first, we didn’t really have a strong opinion on the bomber jacket, but that all changed when we saw Joppe from Start to Fashion rocking the bomber jacket in a shoot he did for the designer collab. The collection also includes some black boots with colored soles that we kind of like. But that’s it really.enfntsterribles-fashion-kenzoxhm-10

Pieces NOT to stand in line for

There is a lot you don’t need to stand in line for. Let’s start with the tiger prints. We think it is very dangerous for a fast fashion brand like H&M to produce something with a tiger print as vibrant and outstanding as these ones. Tiger prints tend to look really cheap real quick. That in combination with the choice of fabric is a match made in hell. Also, what’s happening with those color blocking pants below? As if tiger prints alone weren’t ugly enough…

Another thing we wouldn’t suggest standing in line for are the sweaters and T-shirts with the ‘Kenzo Paris’ logo. We kind of have a trauma from those Kenzo sweaters. You know, the ones all the basic bitches were wearing a few seasons ago. The only difference is that the KENZOxHM sweaters and T-shirts have this kind of ‘drawing’ [which is Kenzo’s original logo from the eighties] on them instead of the tiger head.

As we talked about before, those 100 dollar slippers should burn in hell. The purses and bags from the designer collaboration are a joke. The little purse looks like a fanny pack gone wrong and the bags look like a free shopping bag you get when shopping at Kenzo. Not impressed.enfntsterribles-fashion-kenzoxhm-11

Photo credits: HM.