Kim Kardashian launches beauty brand KKW Beauty

Laurent James

15 Jun

Finally! Kim Kardashian West Launches Beauty Collection

Love her or hate her, you cannot deny that Kim Kardashian West is an absolute modern day beauty guru. That’s why it’s not so surprising she’s now launching her own makeup brand. Say hello to the just launched KKW Beauty!


Kim Kardashian’s beauty look has evolved quite a bit ever since her meteoric rise to fame. After putting an entire generation of Instagram users and self made YouTube guru’s onto heavy contouring, she started moving away from her early look more and more. Gone are the days of dramatic feathery false eyelashes, neon lipsticks and bouffant style hair. Kimmy is a monochromatic highlighted bronzed deity these days. Last year, she declared that she doesn’t (hold your breath) “even like contouring that much anymore”. Yet Kim and her go-to makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic are pretty much solely responsible for a 500% sale increase in every contour palette on the market since 2009.

Kim Kardashian launches beauty brand KKW Beauty
Kim Kardashian launches beauty brand KKW Beauty


So why hasn’t Kardashian West herself cashed in on the massive success of her much talked about makeup look? Her sister Kylie Jenner already has with her notorious plump lips and swiftly released Kylie Cosmetics beauty line. Given the endless array of other Kardashian (endorsed) products, this KKW beauty launch would’ve seemed only logical a long time ago already.

The answer to that question is probably hidden in a sealed settlement document somewhere. Kim has actually had her own beauty line this entire time, along sisters Kourtney and Khloe. They licensed their name to a company years ago and promoted Khroma Beauty for a short while, before the company changed the name of the line to Kardashian Beauty. Legal issues quickly followed with the Kardashians complaining the company wasn’t paying them what the originally agreed upon. To make matters even worse, the quality of said line was heavily criticized by pro-makeup artists and beauty lovers. With that issue seemingly off the table, KKW Beauty is now finally here. Her very first product? What did you expect? A creme contour & highlight kit of course. She may have toned it down as of late, but if her KKW campaign photo is anything to go by, the razor sharp cheekbones are back to stay. Rejoice!



It’s a shame we had to wait until mid-2017 for the OG contour queen to release her very own palette. But hey, we’ll gladly take it! The KKW-line is also expected to dive into other makeup products, just like her sister Kylie has recently gone beyond producing just lip products. Various media outlets are already talking about a “war” between the sisters and their respective cosmetic brands, but we suspect they are manufactured by the same company. Kylie has already collaborated with Kim on a special “KKW for Kylie Cosmetics” line of liquid lipsticks earlier this year.

We’re here for all of this. If Kylie’s makeup line is anything to go by, this will be fun and enough bang for your buck. Something tells us that Kim has learned from her previous beauty endeavours, those of her sister and is ready to truly live up to her makeup queen status. This time it’s not just a licensing deal, but her very own brand. Get what’s yours Kim!

KKW’s Creme Contour & Highlight Kit launches June 21st, exclusively on

Photo credits: KKW Beauty, Instagram @kimkardashian,

Kim Kardashian launches beauty brand KKW Beauty
Kim Kardashian launches beauty brand KKW Beauty

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