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8 Mar
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Kong Skull Island Takes A Huge Monkey To The Next Level

Almost 84 years ago, the world got to meet the biggest of them all; King Kong. The original black and white version of the movie is iconic, and it was brought back to life in 2005 in the modern day version we all know. But ‘Kong: Skull Island‘ is a totally new storyline, and it’s going to be huge. ENFNTS TERRIBLES was invited to the screening in Brussels to experience Kong in IMAX.

The Story

It’s 1971. Bill Randa, portrayed by John Goodman, is an official from the government organization ‘Monarch’, and has inside information on ‘Kong Island’. Because it’s supposed to be one of the latest uncharted islands in the world, and the United States would want to be the first to discover it, he persuades his officials to let him lead an expedition. A team of soldiers and explorers travel to the island in the Pacific.

Kong Island is covered in mysteries and extremely difficult to reach, but Colonel Packard (Samuel L. Jackson) is determined to continue the expedition. They soon discover why the island has been kept a secret, and have to fight their way through ancient creatures that are determined to kill everyone. But their biggest enemy is king of the island, Kong, a giant 100 meters tall ape. Or isn’t he?

The Movie

Kong: Skull Island is jam-packed with action scenes and is as American as it gets. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It definitely keeps the movie exciting, together with the storyline. Big Hollywood names like Tom Hiddleston, who gets to show off his biceps, and Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson contribute to the quality of this movie. However, I did miss something between those two. The chemistry was definitely there, but it’s a pity that they didn’t make use of it, because now the movie lacks a bit of romance. Ofcourse Samuel L. Jackson portrays a more than convincing colonel who turns a bit crazy throughout the movie. So you can definitely say it’s well casted.

The visuals are definitely the strongest part of this movie. Usually I’m not a very big fan of 3D. Ever since the technology was introduced, I literally only watched Avatar in 3D at the movie theatre. And I didn’t like it. But I’ve got to see Kong in IMAX and it was absolutely MIND-BLOWING. The movie was completely made to fit the 3D-experience and they did an amazing job on it. It’s almost scary how real it looks, as it even made me jump back in my seat a couple of times. So I can definitely recommend watching it in 3D to get the whole experience!

Kong Skull Island

More Kong To Come

This won’t be the last thing we will be seeing from our dear monkey friend. Kong: Skull Island actually follows the in 2014 released movie ‘Godzilla’, where the U.S. Military used an atomic bomb to kill a huge lizard-like creature in 1954. You’ll find references to that in this movie, and if you have seen Godzilla, you’ll know that the government organization Monarch also appears in there. Kong will be followed by ‘Godzilla: King Of Monsters’ in 2019 to eventually bring these two together for an epic battle in ‘Godzilla Vs. Kong’, scheduled for 2020.

Altogether this movie is definitely a must-see. The story was really well put together and the cast did a solid job on the acting part. I did miss some romance and I didn’t like the end that much, but I can look past these remarks. Take my advice and go watch it in the 3D/IMAX experience, you won’t be disappointed.

Kong: Skull Island will start showing throughout Europe starting March 8, and on March 10 in the United States.


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