With Lucas Ossendrijver as creative director, Lanvin made sure not to leave the stripes behind for next spring. Lanvin shows diversity in the way we will wear stripes. This spring 2017 menswear collection is a must-see!

Leave your traditional idea of stripes far away. We aren’t thinking about the marine style aesthetic now. Let’s open up to cooler ways to wear stripes. However do not be afraid to explore because ENFNTS TERRIBLES will guide you and hold your hand through it. Every step of the way.

Lucas Ossendrijver - Lanvin Spring 2017 Menswear Show in Paris

Lucas Ossendrijver

Keep a colored tee in your closet

The message here is clear. Lanvin wants us to keep a colored tee in our wardrobes. Spring is the season in which both sun and higher temperatures plan their comeback. So that’s a good-enough reason to bring those colors back up. We personally love the touch of hippie and nonchalance to the collection. Leaving almost every look open, untucked and layered.

Bring sand to the beach


Another order of the acclaimed fashion house is to bring out your sand-hued shirts and sweatshirts to mix it up and create an innovative silhouette. To handle that jumble of vertical and horizontal lining Lanvin suggests the modern fit dress pants. Only to finish off the look with an accessory we forgot to use in a while. That accessory being an extra long keychain attached to the belt. Pierced with a metallic arrow.


If there’s a color that’ll never lose popularity it has to be black. Use black to layer your look for a foolproof street look. These 3 looks are exhibit A in our stripe file. By adding a black oversized blazer with rolled-up-sleeves or a coat made by hand, the stripe jumble becomes less aggressive.

Brighten up

Like we said before adding a black coat with a unified color will bring tranquility to your street look of the day. However, for a crisp-coated spring look, you might go for a more refreshing and brighter color.


Highlight the shoulders

Highlighting the shoulders with patches to take the attention away from the stripe jumble is one solution. Lucas Ossendrijver worked that one out just fine. And he definitely is getting away with it.

Photo credit: Vogue