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24 Sep
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Let’s talk about the ‘Empire’ season 3 premiere tragedy

Now that the why and how’s we were left with were answered after watching season 2 ‘Empire’. Besides you, another 10.8 million people on this planet earth cleared their schedule to witnessed a heavy ( and shocking) season premiere. Little spoiler alert for the ones who are delaying this precious popcorn moment for later. The show kicked off with Rhonda dying and it ended with a haunted and griefing André. The twisted son. Call it all you want but Fox’s prime-time soap opera got many among us hooked. And the 2 leading character Cookie Lyon and Lucious Lyon gave us our weekly dose of drama. Besides after a 4-month break, we were undeniably ready for it. First and foremost many scenes were so tragic, at times frustrating, that we almost broke the glass.

We can’t write about every single scene but we’ll discuss the catchy moments and give plausible answers to your questions. Only to mentally prep you for next week’s episode. Maybe we’ll all need it, you never know.


Like we mentioned earlier the premiere episode starts with Rhonda Lyon dying. We began just where the show ended 4 months ago. And within the 5 first minutes that we were thrown back into the story, Rhonda falls from a skyscraper on a car. Leaving us no choice but to dislike Anika all over again. Because weren’t we all wishing it was Rhonda who’d push Anika from the building? As revenge for that time she was pushed from the stairs and lost her unborn child. Anyhow there was too much happening to stay strung on that sad part.

Is Cookie really done with Lucious?

If you watched carefully at several times we witnessed a less fierce and perseverant Cookie. In particular when she officially cut the crust with Lucious. Our guess is their story will never end because of their past. And the fact that she was willing to take a risk for him one more time was proof their story will never really end. Now that Tareek the federal agent is determined to take Lucious down let’s just see what the coming weeks will bring us.

Uuugh, Lucious is being himself again

In our eyes, Lucious is not the perfect father at all. Let’s say he’s just got a different way of showing how much he loves his family. He hopes to conquer their hearts by ruining his son’s wedding day, threatening their careers, marrying his ex-wife instead of Cookie, taking away Hakeems child and more. Lucious just can’t seem to put family first.

And a new star was born

Seeing Jamal suffering from his recent injuries was hard. While the show’s sweetheart was having a very theatrical panic attack or whatever non-rising star made her way to the Empire. She goes by the name of Sierra McClain and when she sang that high note she took our hearts. It was about time we heard an unlike voice besides the steady ones. Even though originally it was to performed by Jamal, the new girl did a great job.

Where was Porscha?

As ratchet, as she may be we missed her. Only her extravagant style when she enters a room makes people laugh. She could have been the ideal remedy to release people from all the tension.

Next star appearances

The most exciting thing about waiting 7 days for the next Empire episode is wondering who’ll be the next guest-star on the show. Seeing French Montana and Birdman wasn’t a major deal for us personally. However, we heard that Mariah Carey will be joining the team for one chapter. We will be watching the throne!

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