As Pride season is coming to an end, we HAVE to talk about Levi’s pride collection first. The famous denim brand teamed up with the Harvey Milk foundation to create a series of limited edition patches and T-shirts.

Harvey Milk Foundation

Levi’s has launched its first global Pride Collection in partnership with the Harvey Milk Foundation. The brand wants to commemorate the election and legacy of H. Milk through a range of gender neutral products, such as patches and T-shirts. And a portion of the overall proceeds will go to the Harvey Milk Foundation.


Harvey Milk

If you’re not familiar with Harvey Milk, here’s a little recap of the man’s life. Harvey Milk, born in 1930 was an American politician who became the first openly gay person to be elected to public office in California. Milk served almost 11 months in office and was responsible for passing a stringent gay rights ordinance for the city. Unfortunately, on November 27 in 1978, he got assassinated by a rival city supervisor.

Despite his short career in politics , Milk became a true icon in the gay community. The Harvey Milk Foundation continues to fight for gay rights worldwide. Even decades after his death. Today, Levi’s is supporting them with making the world a better place for LGBT-people.

Worldwide Campaign

One of the special things about this collection is that it’s launched world wide. This might sound very normal to us, but in some parts of the world LGBT-campaigns are still a taboo. Levi’s had to push the boundaries for this one. In some countries or states (in the USA) it’s still forbidden to marry someone of the same sex.

We heard from people who work at Levi’s’ European headquarters that was a real pain in the ass to put the campaign through in the USA. Same sex marriage is still a really difficult subject in too many states of the “land of freedom”. Therefor we applaud Levi’s for supporting the Harvey Milk Foundation.


Levi’s Pride Collection Event in Amsterdam

To celebrate this new collection, Levi’s threw a kick ass party at The Hoxton hotel in Amsterdam [you know, that hotel we wrote a review about, which you can read HERE]. Bloggers, stylists and important fashion journalists were invited to customize their denim jackets or trousers with the limited edition Harvey Milk patches. All profits of the limited edition patches went to the AIDS Monument. Which is an organization that is raising money to build a memorial to the many loved ones lost to AIDS.

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