As true Millennials or Generation Y children, born in Western Europa, we never had to worry about living on one dollar. We actually didn’t have to worry about anything. Except maybe who we wanted to be and what we wanted to become. From the age of 2,5 we went to school till we were 23. Our parents never spoiled us with loads of expensive gifts. However, we do remember never being concerned about our financial situation either. We did have different kinds of jobs as a student but those were only meant to afford some extra luxury, not to stay alive.


For granted

When we started our ‘official’ careers, we finally discovered how it felt like to live a life of our own, without lots of support. We must admit that we’ve struggled and weren’t always able to pay our bills on time. Mainly because we just spent our money on the wrong things. We must not forget that we’re living with a constant ‘pressure’ from the outside world to consume. And sometimes this has its negative effects. But we never had or have to worry about not having enough food to survive. Or a bed and many the other things we take for granted.

Living on one dollar

Yesterday we were scrolling down the Netflix page and our eyes crossed “Living on one dollar”. We just needed to watch this. It’s a documentary about 4 university students who’re spending their summer in a small village in Guatemala, surviving on just 1 dollar a day. They have been filming their entire journeys and the lives of the locals who they met over there. We did realize that we’re living a rather comfortable life. And that we spend too much on things we don’t even need. Watching this documentary has yet again been an eye opener.

How lucky we are

What we did realize once more is that we can be lucky to be born in a place where things are possible. We can almost do whatever we want unlike the people in the documentary. They can’t even decide about their own future. So closing our eyes for what’s happening in the outside world is the worse thing to do, we need to keep on supporting each other.

The makers of Living on one dollar also inspired us to live a more simple life. We know for sure that consuming less would make us a happier person. And  we would have some money left to support a better cause than our wardrobes.

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To end this article in style:

“If you wait until you can do everything for everybody instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up doing nothing for nobody”