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25 Apr

Lo Moon: Not a Soundcloud Band

Last week the LA based band Lo Moon performed at the BRDCST festival in Brussels, together with Vanishing Twin and The Lemon Twigs. It’s hard to label Lo Moon but here’s a shot at it: indie with a lot of old musical influences. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of Lo Moon yet, they are relatively unknown for so far but they’re about to blow your mind in a soft and gentle way. Why in a soft and gentle way though? They released their debut single “Loveless” early September. I’m sort of disappointed in myself that I didn’t discover them earlier because this single is epic and a whole new musical experience. The band has been working for more than 4 years on that track. A long but intense record process, striving for the perfection.

7 minutes

“Loveless”  has a duration of 7 MINUTES (!). You need a serious pair of balls to pull something like that off. The intro of the song takes your breath away and throws you back to that one time somebody tore your heart out of your chest, punched it a few times and then handed it back to you like nothing ever happened. When singer Matt Lowell’s voice appears on the track you should close your eyes and just feel the music.

The moment Lo Moon played at the BRDCST festival hardly anybody heard any of their other songs. When they started playing “I swear to God” it felt like their single “Loveless” made so much more sense. All the puzzle pieces fell into place. Their performance was short but one of the most beautiful concerts I’ve ever experienced. Lo Moon blew me off my socks and I really hope to see them again in the near future.

No rush

After the show, I caught up with the band for a few minutes to get to know more about them. Fresh sweat drops on their faces and adrenaline still rushing through their veins after the performance. The three of them looked really happy. I had so many questions to ask them, but most of all I was so intrigued by how they only had one song out on the internet with over 3 million streams on it. To make things clear they’re not a SoundCloud band that throws everything they produce online. I was wondering why. Their answer is one of a kind in our society. Their goal is rather to wait until their album is out.

They don’t want to handle it in a rush because they want to feel confident about it when it’s all finished. Slowly getting to know themselves in the aspect of a band and discovering how these gigs work out for them, keeps them going and improving. According to the singer you only have one chance to make a first impression and he’d like it to be a good impression. All these things make Lo Moon the most genuine act I’ve seen in a long time and I would recommend this band to anyone looking for some refreshing sound in the music scene.


Listen to ‘Loveless’ on Apple MusiciTunes or on their spotify. They also just released their video for Loveless, that you can see below.


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