When travelling on long distance flights, I think we can all agree how important it is to stay moisturised and fresh in order to exit that plane looking like a million bucks. But how exactly do we do this? These are my long haul travel essentials.


Moisture is key to looking fabulous, in any circumstance. Your concealer may be able to work wonders, but if you want to have complexions like a new born baby, then moisturising is the way to go.
I swear by rose hip oil on long haul flights. I am writing this from Miami and after a generous dose of rose hip oil on the flight over, my skin avoided any dryness and irritation. Even stars like Miranda Kerr believe in the use of rose hip oil and she has even developed one for her organic product range, which can be bought here.

Carmex is my go to lip balm. It tingles, it stings – but oh boy does it leave your lips kissable and gorgeous. I have been using Carmex for years and I wouldn’t want to live without it.

Don’t forget: deodorant, concealer and a mini dry shampoo to revive your hair.
Enfnts Terribles: Long Haul Travel Essentials ( Travel )

Rose hip oil from Kora, Lip balm from Carmex, Dry Texturising Spray from Oribe, deodorant from Dolce and Gabbana, Concealer from Giorgio Armani

Fashionable, comfortable clothing

If you’re a fellow fashionista like me – then looking amazing is always first priority. Even when embarking on a long haul flight. Arriving at the airport and strutting through security is like a fashion show and you truly must look your best. I swear by skinny jeans and loose tops when travelling, as bloating is unavoidable. A nice, flowy top will easily cover your tiny bump, but the key is changing into sweat pants or some great comfortable trousers after having boarded the flight. Bring a hand luggage big enough to fit your favourite skinny sweatpants and sit back & relax.

Enfnts Terribles: Long Haul Travel Essentials ( Travel )

Top: Nike, Acne Studios, Maison Margiela all from MrPorter
Bottom: Nike, Bella Freud, Chinti and Parker all from Net-A-Porter

Comfortable and warm accessories

The temperature on flights is always up and down, but when it hits that freezing temperature it is key to pull on a pair of warm and thick pair of socks. My go to? Cable knit cashmere socks. Also bring: a nice warm scarf.

Enfnts Terribles: Long Haul Travel Essentials ( Travel )

Pantherella, Brooks Brothers, Acne Studios

Flight entertainment

There is nothing worse than being on a long distance flight – unable to sleep or with old, boring movies shown on the in flight entertainment. Don’t make the mistake of boarding the flight without entertainment back up. What do I bring onboard? Music, magazines, book and computer with TV shows or movies. Music is key for sleeping tight, in case you have some snotty, screaming kid in the row behind you. Magazines in case you’re not in the mood to indulge in a in-depth crime novel – and if you are? Then pack a book by your favourite author and get to reading. The easiest inflight entertainment is without a doubt a good movie or tv-show. Although the tv’s on the plane may be a step in front of you when it comes to new releases, their IT equipment will usually display a far inferior quality compared to your Macbook.

It’s always wise to bring your computer on your flight, because who know’s – maybe you’ll feel a sudden rush of inspiration and feel the need to jot down some serious notes for a future project.

Enfnts Terribles: Long Haul Travel Essentials ( Travel )


Don’t risk having no batteries left on your beloved selfie taking devices, how else are you going to document that you’re living a fabulous jet set lifestyle? I always bring an iPhone charger case, a separate charger for my phone (incase the case runs out of battery) and for my computer. Even if you think you may make it to your destination without needing to charge your phone – what if the airlines makes the grave mistake of messing with you and loosing your luggage? Always have to be prepared for any and everything.

Enfnts Terribles: Long Haul Travel Essentials ( Travel )

Buy iPhone charger case from Apple here.

Wine, wine and more wine

Ok, ok – I hope I’m not encouraging underage drinking. But if you are legally allowed to drink and won’t get yourself or myself arrested – then there is nothing better than a glass or six to get your nerves settled and sleep easier.

Enfnts Terribles: Long Haul Travel Essentials ( Travel )

Just make sure you never reach the level of intoxication as Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids.


Although my long haul travel essentials tips should leave you looking fresh, sometimes you just have to be slightly obnoxious and do like the stars and walk through the airport with your shades on.

Enfnts Terribles: Long Haul Travel Essentials ( Travel )

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is airport style goals.

Happy travelling everyone!

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