Next on our list is this style duo of boss ladies we stumbled upon downtown. They are living proof that we’re stronger together. Plus do you see how good they as a team?

On a busy day out in Antwerp, we had our first encounter with Marieke De Pauw and Catherine Kosters. And already they took the big guns out: the bags. What we loved about this sisterhood is that both girls have a totally different style. Yet they still manage to be such a cool match even from miles away. Say hi to the #Bossladies.

LOOK XII: Antwerp style duo

Look 12: Catherine

Catherine Kosters

LOOK XII: Catherine wearing silver Zara boots

Catherine is wearing a vintage sweater she bought at Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, black trousers from Lazy Oaf x Disney with Micky Mouse patches, a Chanel bag and silver boots from Zara. Marieke went for a Dries Van Noten coat, a Bally bag, a pair of Levi’s jeans and her Fendi loafers.

Look 12: Marieke

Marieke de Pauw

LOOK XII: Marieke wearing Fendi loafers