16 Mar
Street Style


One thing we learned from strolling the streets of Paris is to never underestimate the power of the classic camel coat. And after our article about the 7 things we’re tired of seeing, the camel coat seemed a bit overrated. However, this next Parisian street fashionisto taught us how to revamp your camel coat in a very inspiring way.


Instead of rocking it like any other fashion blogger would. Why not customize it? If you think about it, personalizing your camel coat is actually the answer to your mainstream problems. But when you pair it with some jeans, a nice shirt and the right attitude,  you’re surely bringing something refreshing to the table. So consider passing on those passé black distressed trousers to another family member or a friend you don’t really like. Hence whenever your look of the day isn’t as edgy or outspoken as you wanted it to be: customizing is the solution!

Photo credits: Jonathan Zegbe for  ENFNTS TERRIBLES


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