One thing we learned from strolling the streets of Paris is to never underestimate the power of the classic camel coat. And after our article about the 7 things we’re tired of seeing, the camel coat seemed a bit overrated. However, this next Parisian street fashionisto taught us how to revamp your camel coat in a very inspiring way. Instead of rocking it like any other fashion blogger would. Why not customise it?

LOOK XXIV: Camel coat ( Paris street style Fall/Winter 2017)

If you think about it, personalising your camel coat is actually the answer to your mainstream problems. But when you pair it with normal jeans, a nice shirt and the right attitude ( like this dude),  you’re surely bringing something refreshing to the table. So consider passing on those passé black distressed trousers to another family member or a friend you don’t really like.

Hence whenever your look of the day isn’t as edgy or outspoken as you wanted it to be: customising is the solution!

Photo credit: Jonathan Zegbe for  ENFNTS TERRIBLES

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