I was working on my laptop, trying to turn this Friday into a grandiose professional one. As always, I was listening to music, old and new.  Through a whole range of media and lists. And suddenly I stumbled onto this. An unplugged rendition of a song, released yesterday, of a band I had never heard of before. And it was, pardon me the lack of more proper and inspirational wording, beautiful. The find: ‘Melatonin’ (unplugged), by Phoria.


Leaving my more important work on the side in what we could consider to be a heartbeat, I dove straight away into the exciting music dungeon that the internet is. Only to find more utterly lovable music from the Brighton (UK) based band. Research learned me that the 5 – piece band band had issued 3 EPs by now: ‘Yourself’ (2010), ‘Bloodworks’ (2013) and ‘Display’ (2014). And one full album, 2016’s ‘Volition’. It is primarily the latter that I have been listening to the last two hours.

With the risk of doing the band injustice through inappropriate name dropping but the clear aim to steer people towards them, the question that popped into my mind whilst listening was: ‘what would happen if you would throw RY X,  S O H N, James Blake, a share of Sigur Ros and a dash of Radiohead & Autechre into a blender? And stir it, not shake it?’  The answer would be somewhere along the lines of Phoria, I believe. With the end result being even better than expected.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Although that would be handy. Please, do yourself a favour, have a listen for yourself and prepare to fall in love. I’m known to get enthusiast quite regularly – and ok, I had a glass of wine. Ok, two. –  but this feels different. I remember saying that the last time though: it was about a girl and it didn’t work out. But never mind that.

I believe in love at first sight, I believe in love at first sound. If Phoria was a girl (as opposed to five male and amazing musicians) and she would ask me today to marry her, I would say ‘I do’. Straight away and without hesitation. Thát is what discovering new music should feel like.

Album information

Artist: Phoria

Album: ‘Volition’

Released: June 3 2016 (X Nova Records)

Must listen: all of it