Make-up is for everyone, I think that’s clear by now. Young, old, male, female, it really doesn’t matter who you are. If you like it, wear it! Yes, wearing make-up as a man is getting more and more normal, and there’s an important influence that helps with issues like this: celebs. Celebrities, especially Hollywood ones, reach a large audience, and they can easily spread a certain message. The masses look up to famous people, and once celebs do something, it usually finds its way to the mainstream public. That’s why today , I’m selecting some of the male celebs who just don’t give a f*ck. They don’t care about expectations or opinions, they do whatever they want. Maybe you’ll be suprised about some of them, maybe you won’t, but one thing is sure: these men deserve some recognition!

It’s not about sexualityenfntsterrible_malecelebmakeup_1

A misconception when it comes to men and make-up, is that all men who wear make-up are gay. Well, let these men prove you wrong! One of the most ‘macho’ guys out there, Cristiano Ronaldo, has been spotted wearing nail polish, and he isn’t scared to take care of himself. Media outlets all around the globe frantically searched for the reason why, but there’s one thing they didn’t think of. Maybe, he just wanted to wear nail polish? I mean, I can’t look inside his head,
but chances are that’s what it is. No fuzz, no problems, just what he likes. I’m all about it!

Johnny Depp, master of not giving a f*ck

One of the most extravagant it-boys (well, it-men) in existence is Johnny Depp. His rocker attitude, his slightly arrogant but charming smile and his ‘screw the rules’ vibe SCREAM for some additional glam. Johnny isn’t afraid of wearing nail polish, or liner, and he rocks it like no other.

The full monty

Friday the 13th Glam. That full moon gave me the urge to get Dusted.

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There are some other male celebs who don’t mind going all out. Boenfntsterrible_malecelebmakeup_3y George, for example, or Marilyn Manson: both go for quite the extravagant look. Jared Leto and Adam Lambert love a good smokey eye from time to time, and honestly: same! Funny that all of these men are actually (ex) singers, which proves how openminded people in the creative/musical sector usually are. Something to look up to! Which look would you wear?