Diesel grabs this Valentine’s Day by the pussy and takes it out of its comfort zone. No traditional lovey-dovey couples shizzle but a focus on the broader meaning of love. Its SS17 campaign is titled “Make love, not walls” and shot by legend David LaChappelle. If this name doesn’t ring a bell, he’s the same photographer who captured the “Kissing sailors” all the way back in 1995. The Italian denim brand always had an eye for hot social topics.

If you have a closer look at the pictures you see people kissing, a rainbow-colored inflatable tank and walls that are broken in the shape of a heart. It has often been one of Diesel’s strengths to create ads with a more profound meaning. Not just a boy and a girl hanging on a yacht, spraying perfume on their perfectly tanned bodies. Or what so ever… A Diesel campaign will at least keep you occupied. And if you turn your back at it too quick, you just might miss the point.

A brighter and exciting tomorrow

The message this Valentine’s Day is a direct reflection on what’s happening worldwide. Instead of living together in peace, people are more and more labelling each other. He’s a Muslim, she’s black, we’re Catholics, they’re women, he’s gay and so on. And what we don’t know, what we don’t understand frightens us. People are creating imaginary walls, that are a symbol of separation.

With the SS17 campaign, Diesel wants to take the walls down to create a brighter and more exciting tomorrow. They want to celebrate freedom and love. Instead of always pointing fingers, having a selfish point of view, we should seriously start accepting each other.

The love tank

As we speak, Diesel is putting things into practice to spread the message of universal love. The campaign’s rainbow-colored inflatable tank will appear today in London before traveling to Milan, Shanghai, New York, Berlin and Tokyo. A machine that used to divide now unites!

Diesel make love not wallsDiesel - Make Love not WallsPhoto credits: David LaChappelle for Diesel