Forget about real estate, diamonds and gold! Luxury bags are still trending when it comes to a good investment. Before you head to Netaporter with that credit card, think before you buy a new purse. Pricy doesn’t always mean that the value will increase. It has to be either a Hermès, Vuitton, Chanel, Dior, Gucci, YSL or Prada. In short… a classic and preferably French, if not: Italian.

The good news is: you don’t have to stick to the 2.55 or Lady Dior bag to get yourself a classic. Luxury houses are working hard on keeping their leather goods collections on point.

Chanel’s Gabrielle bag

Chanel recently launched the Gabrielle bag, named after you know who. (If you don’t know who we can recommend to follow an urgent course in fashion history.) It has all the typical features but it’s also a breathe a fresh air after years of Boy and 2.55. As predicted, Gabrielle is already a huge street style hit. We don’t know about you guys but we like her and hope she’s here to stay.
Gabrielle bag Chanel


Maria Grazia Chiuri and her team are doing a great job in the bag department. The past years Dior hasn’t been that strong when it comes to leather goods. But that’s definitely changing. For next winter the vintage Dior logo, printed on Canvas is back in its original version. On our wish list, check!

Vintage Dior bagDior FW17 bag


As we already wrote in this article, Prada has been doing a pretty great job lately. Miuccia will forever be the queen of Italian luxury. But you can’t always perform on maximum speed.

We tried to make a list of our favorite Prada bags this season but after 5 minutes we gave up. Esplanade, Cahier, Pionnière, Galleria… they all look perfect. Just remember that as an investment, it’s better to go for a classic color. Those crazy prints are great but unfortunately also very temporary.

Prada Cahier bagPrada Galleria bag

Photo credits: Chanel, Dior, A Constellation Journal, The Blonde Salad