The time you needed to save at least 1800$ for a Balenciaga or Céline is officially over. Brands finally discovered the market of tiny affordable designer bags. Don’t mistake the word affordable with cheap though. If you only want to pay 100$ we suggest you head to the next best chainstore. Even for a tiny cross-body bag you will have to save a while. But at least you won’t have to eat bread only for the 6 upcoming months.

It was Céline that started the actual hype. A few seasons back the brand launched the trio bag which wasn’t only simply gorgeous but also half the price of its bigger sisters. Now all the luxury brands have a mini version of its most popular models on the market. Or they launched the so-called “blogger” or “teen” bag. It’s a good thing since younger girls (or guys) can finally afford a designer bag more easily. Of course it makes the brand a bit less exclusive. But there’s still Chanel or Hermès if you really want to show off.


Our favorites

Even there are loads of mini designer bags on the market, the Hayley from Chloé and Saint Laurent Monogramme teen shoulder bag are our current favorites. And not only because of their looks, they just aren’t too small. Some of them might be good for the looks. But the actual purpose of the thing is still to carry around some of your stuff. Or you can just hang all of your keys around your neck to save space. Maybe it will become a new trend, in times like these you never know.

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Photo credits: Tamira Jarrel, Thelovecatsinc, Negin Mirsalehi, Symphonyofsilk, The Spicy Stiletto