One of our favorite multicultural collections this winter is the one from Edun. Founded by Ali Hewson in 2005 it has been around for a while. They created the label to support the African content on a fair-trade based level instead of providing direct aid. 80% of the collections are now produced in countries like Uganda, Kenya, Burkina Faso, South Africa and 20% locally in the US. In 2009 the label became part of the LVMH group.

Mickalene Thomas

The fw17 collection is inspired by the multilayered photographs from the book Muse by Mickalene Thomas. In this artwork she faces with stereotypes of black women and the cultural expectations they have to cope with. Edun translated this into loads of layering, prints and combinations of both retro, pastel and bright colors.

Compared to other sustainable, multicultural and human-friendly brands Eduns collections looks very much on point. It feels like the design team understood how to mix and match in a fashionable way. All the elements just merged perfectly into something we’d love to wear.

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Photo credits: Edun