People have had enough. Officially. Today, YSL Beauty launched a new foundation, in 22 shades. Supposedly, there’s a shade to match everyone, from light to dark. Only thing is: there’s not. From the 22 shades in the range, there are probably five colours that would match medium to dark skintones. The other 17 would match pale auntie Debby and her daughter McKayleigh Anne. For really dark skintones, there’s only one shade out of those five that would work. One. In 2017. Y’all. They done did fucked up, and people are telling them in the comment section.

Representation matters

I just don’t know how many times I have to say this: how can you be a make-up brand in this time and age and release only one dark foundation colour in a range of 22 colours? I don’t get it.

Newsflash: representation matters. It does for queer kids, it does for women, it does for people of colour. People of colour have the hardest time finding shades that match their complexion, because 90% of the products out there are too light for them. Think about it: people of colour go into their local make-up store, excited to try out new things, only to end up finding nothing that works for them. The amount of people I follow online that have addressed this issue is huge, and still, nothing is really changing. No wonder so many people of colour still feel like there’s something wrong with them, or that they’re uglier than white people: there’s basically a whole industry out there ignoring their existence. I, as a white male, can of course never fully grasp how bad things actually are, but it’s important to speak out for issues you deem important, and damn, do I deem this important.

Trust and believe this, people of colour: the fault is not yours. You are beautiful, and wanted, and loved. It’s the industry that’s wrong, that does not get it. There’s a whole rainbow of skin colours out there, and erasing the darker spectrum of the rainbow just defeats the very thing that makes a rainbow a rainbow.

What I also don’t get is how brands don’t see that they’re missing a whole market of darker skinned women and men out there that would fucking pay hard cash for a great foundation (or concealer, or powder, or… you get the jizz) that comes in their shade. There’s literally nothing brands would lose by catering to a wider range of skintones.

Do better

Come on, make-up brands, get it together. It’s 2017, not only white people are wearing make-up. Adding four medium dark and one actually dark shade to your foundation range just won’t cut it anymore. Step your game up, listen to the world, look around you, get with the times. Do. Better. Make a change. Show that you actually want to suit ALL skintones, and put money where your mouth is. There’s a freaking beautiful rainbow out there, don’t do it dirty.