When I took the pledge as ENFNTS TERRIBLES music editor, I swore to provide our readers with good ass music. Though, I often forget that good music doesn’t necessarily has to be popular music. Of course, I love myself some Ed Sheeran, but there are plenty of singers out there that make amazing music and aren’t famous. So I decided to make a selection of new and beginning artists to keep an eye on.

Vanessa White

The English singer-songwriter Vanessa White has certainly been doing a very good job of making a name for herself. You may recognize her as the former member of girl group The Saturdays, but nowadays she’s out there riding solo. As an R&B lover, I’m absolutely loving her newest track Running Wild. But there’s more to love, because 2 weeks ago she dropped a brand new EP called Chapter Two, and it has some more goody’s on it.


As someone with Italian blood, it makes me SO happy to see talented people like SEJO (or Valentina Ottoboni) stepping into the scene. She recently released her debut single Too Young together with a cool music video that was shot in New York City. The song is a combination of pop, dance and electro, which surprisingly go very well together. I really like the sound of this song and I put it on my summer playlist because it’s a total BOP.


This one has actually been stuck in my head ever since first hearing it, and may actually become one of my most favorite songs of 2017 so far. Down is the first release by the new group called FARR. Their sound has something very recognizable, but I find it difficult to compare with other artists. They seem to have a little bit of everything. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more from this talented duo.