When designed with season-appropriate features and technology, heavy winter sneakers will stand up to this brisk weather. And like every season, Nike serves stylish high-tops for days. Some of them might even look like outdoor hiking footwear. Or your old boots you dragged through the filthy slippery streets after a sinister snowstorm.

Sadly enough, Converse sneakers are clearly not an option right now. So we listed 7 high-top winter sneakers from Nike, that’ll keep you warm and dry on the coldest days.

Nike’s Winter sneakers

During our quest for the next best winter kicks, we ruled out 2 things: open heels and low-top sneakers with a light fabric. Oddly enough Nike’s epic Special Field AF-1 models kept popping up. Since sneakers are the new black anyway, the brand with the swoosh has rebooted their old classics. They stylishly redesigned them with new silhouettes built for ultimate urban utility.
Meet the winter sneakers that’ll get you through the shitty weather this season.
Winter Sneakers: These Nike High-Tops Can Resist This Shitty Weather
Photo credit: Nike