No go zones for singles


No-Go Zones for Singles

Being single is sweet and kind of tastes like freedom. However, at times it can feel extremely frustrating. Especially when you go to places where it gets too awkward for singles.

If it’s not your grandma or a shady auntie, there’s always another family member or friend who’ll make you feel like singles are breaking the law. “When do we get to see your girlfriend?“, “Getting married anytime soon?“, “Aren’t you sick of being alone?“, etc. These are the annoying questions singles get at public and private gatherings. And it’s not fun at all! Even her highness doesn’t find it amusing anymore.

Still we impulsively find ourselves in these situations and places where we feel like we’re not welcome. But we come with good news for you. To avoid all of that, here are a few no-go zones for the singles.


At times it almost feels like being single gets a bad wrap. And, when you’re single, looking, and not finding anyone to share your best moments with, can be awfully frustrating.

According to 60.1 marriages took place in 2015 in the US. Meaning that at least 60.1 million times a single guy or girl was shamed for his or her singleness. Plus, let’s just act like there aren’t any crazy people we have to listen to at the singles table and who will probably  start an unnecessary flirt.

In case a close friend or family member is happily getting married you really don’t have a choice but to support their love and be present. Otherwise skip that!

no go zones for singles

Baby Showers

Baby showers can be fun yes because a new life is added to planet earth,  #blessed.  On the other hand it can also be hell for singles. Everyone is expecting you to have your shit together and have met a soulmate already with whom you’d have kids one day. So now you have to find some fabricated justification why you’re alone in the first place.

That’s only one of the reasons why at Enfnts Terribles we believe it’s okay to skip baby showers.

Any Restaurant on Valentine’s Day

On the 14th February any restaurant is a no-go zone.  There is no such day that rubs relationships in your face more than Valentine’s day.

We could use a break from creepy looks from happy couples and waiters. Yes, waiters too are shaming the singles. Because when you think about it they could end up earning twice the money (tip included) if you came with a companion or a date. Therefore skip that!

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No go zones for singles

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